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Japanese black pine #1

Bought myself a nice black pine at the 2017 Taikan-Ten in Kyoto. Was hesitant as I didn´t know whether it would thrive here in Sweden but got encouraging Words from a friend, so I bought it on the last day of the exhibit. The following christmas eve it served as my christmas tree. 🙂 I repotted it in spring of 2018 into it´s old container and let it grow freely after that, fertilizing every 4 weeks with an organic fertilizer. In May that year we held our annual meeting and…

Busy with new house and garden

I have to apologize for my lack of blogupdates. I moved to a new house in february and have been busy with both outside, inside and garden. But, i did manage to start with an area for my trees, with benches. They will be further developed next year but they did the job this growing season. My trees are loosing their leaves now and I´m getting ready for winter. I have a few pictures taken this summer, when i constructed the garden area and growing benches. Enjoy!

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