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Bonsai exhibited at the EBA/ESA convention

Following the suiseki posted the other day, here´s some of the bonsai that was on display. Overall impressions of the exhibition was that there were high quality trees there, alongside some trees that required a few more years of maintenance. Most, if not all, trees were on displaystands, and the use of accents was really nicely done. Enough words, most of you want pictures anyway. Overall shot of the exhibition area, the use of a red cloth was a nice contrast.   Small cascading shimpaku, nice deadwood and a good…

My Japan visit (part 6, Omiya and the masters)

The highlight of my journey, and one that didn´t disappoint at all. The day before my flight home was dedicated to Omiya Bonsai village and a vistit to the gardens of Masahiko Kimura and Kunio Kobayashi. Got picked up at my hotel in the morning by Yoshi, my guide for the day. More information about the tour and other services provided at his website; After a 30 min drive we arrived Omiya, and started with Mansei-en, Saburo Katos ol garden. A lot of Beautiful trees of course and quite a…

My Japan visit (part5, Takamatsu)

After Kyoto i went for a non bonsai trip to Hiroshima. I visitied the remebrance hall for the victims of the first nuclear bomb in the second World War. I also took the time to visit the museum there and the A-Bomb dome, the only building preserved as it stood after the bomb fell. A time for contemplation. I also visited Hiroshima castle, rebuilt after the war as the original one was completely destroyed. My next stop on my journey was Takamatsu on Shikoku Island. Every bonsai enthusiast that loves…

My Japan visit (part4)

At the last day in Kyoto i wanted to go to Koju-en, a nursery who specialises in shohin bonsai. I had read a lot of good things about it and knew that there were a large variety of material there. Could there be a chojubai quince there for me to take back home? As i started my walk early, i took my time to stop at Toji temple, just a 10 minute walk from my hotel. One of the highlights of the temple was of course the large weeping cherry….

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