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Beautiful video from Bjorvala Bonsai

As you all may know, Björn Björholm and the guys at Kuoka-En make some awesome videos on bonsai. But I think my favourite right now is their newest one. Not so much about bonsai, but a lot about Japan. Perfect for me, as I´m planning my trip there. As of now, it´s leaning towards january/february. Just in time for Kokufu-ten.  

The new display/grow area.

This incredibly hot summer was the perfekt time to build my new diplay area. I´ve been putting this off for a while but my trees were starting to suffer. I needed a place that protected them from strong winds and full sun. The area was excavated and all the existing soil was removed. A fibre cloth was put on the ground and the area filled with gravel. Post were dug and concrete were poured in. Next I constructed the wind barrier with ordinary construction timber. Only the trellis were pre-made….

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