The value of a club membership

I believe that I´m a member of the most generous bonsai-club there is. Not that it hands out money to everybody but rather that it doesn´t charge you for anything. Sure, we pay a membership-fee, but it doesn´t have any real value. We´re allowed entrance to exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops, plus a Magazine 4 times a year. To participate in a workshop with an international professional, they charge you extra. But not nearly enough to cover the fee of the professional, the club will split the difference.

However, if you´re NOT a member, you´re still allowed free entrance to exhibitions, demonstrations an to observe workshops. You get all the information for absolutely free. Now, I know some of you will say; “-Information is already on the internet, for free!”
Well, yes, to an extent. But here you get a live professional to get answers from, and to answer follow-up questions. In REAL time! That should be worth something, at least it is for me. That´s why I pay a membership-fee.

If everyone can benefit from MY membership, then I don´t know how much longer I will be a member.

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