About me

I am a guy in my early 40s, who has been interested i Japan and Bonsai since my early teens. Started off with Nin-Jutsu and other martial arts and moved on to Bonsai later on. I have been a member of the Swedish Bonsai Society since 2000 and were the treasurer for the society for 7 years.
I live just outside Alingsås and attend the club meetings in Gothenburg when I can.

I enjoy the more traditional styles of Bonsai, and my favourite species for Bonsai are pines and japanese maples. I do collect when I find something I like and I also buy certain trees from europe on occasion.

I recently started crafting my own display stands as there is no one who do so at the moment in Sweden that I know of.

I you want to come in contact with me please fill in the information below.