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Trophy 2020 – Sundays demonstrations

Following the same setup as on Saturday, the four demonstrators and their helpers entered the stage. This time with new challenges as there were new trees. Unfortunately I didn´t take any photos during the actual demonstrations, but of course I took som before and after shots. Tony´s tree before the demo started. An English yew […]

Trophy 2020 – Saturdays demonstration

Set on stage for the demonstration was four very different trees. One welcome change to the event was the introduction of a big screen with three separate cameras. This made the experience much nicer as it use to be difficult to see from a distance in the past. Tony Tickle (UK) had this cascading scots […]

Trophy 2020 – the sales area

Visiting this years Trophy in Genk, Belgium was an easy decision. Knowing that Minoru Akiyama (JP) and Ryan Neil (US) was the headlining demonstrators alongside Tony Tickle (UK) and Mauro Stemberger (IT). I believe that this is the fifth year I´ve visited the event and it´s always a nice start to the growing season. My […]

Bonsai-U by Bjorn Bjorholm

Most of you know of Bjorn Bjorholm from Eisei-En in Nashville TN. I´ve followed him since he started with “The Bonsai Art of Japan” on Youtube, during his apprenticeship at Kuoka-En in Osaka with Mr Fujikawa. He does a lot of things. Lectures, demos, Kokufu tours, podcasts and online classes. His latest is his Bonsai-U […]

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