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Inspiration for field growing trees

Following the podcast with the people of Telperion Farms that Bonsai Mirai had, my fingers are itching to get som trees in the ground. Did some googeling and found a blog-post fron Jonas Dupich when he visited the place a while back If you haven´t heard the podcast from Ryan Neil, then you should. […]

Report from The Trophy 20 years – Saturdays demonstrations

As ususal there were outstanding demonstrations, some pictures are posted below.. Starting with saturdays demonstrations, Ryan worked on a cascade shimpaku which got a slight turn. Masayuki were given a large japanese yew, Pavel got a pine which needed som bending and Gabriel Romero worked on a scots pine. That was Ryans tree for saturday, […]

“Best of” 20 years Trophy

Preparing for this years Trophy, hope that it will be just as good as previous years. Anyone else out there that will be attending?? There´s usually a few of us from Sweden that attend to this, this year is no exception. With demonstrators from USA, Japan and Europe, it will be a joyful event.. Hope […]

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