Semi Cascade White pine (Dragon)

This is a tree which i’ve seen a few times at our annual meetings, and i always found it attractive. Winter of -14 i sent an email to the woman who owned it and asked if i could buy it, and she accepted because she felt it was too large to handle. Spring of -15 i went to Stockholm and picked up the tree.

This is a few pictures sent to me by the previous owner. Unknown date.

She experimented with different fronts and angles but what attracted me was the movement of the trunk.

This is the angle before repotting in the spring of -15. I kept the square pot that the tree was growing in but tilted the tree slightly to the right. I thinned the needles and let it recover in its pot, analyzing its branches and waiting to restyle.
As can be seen, the lowest branches on the right is very weak and was removed after the picture was taken.

In late July of -15 i decided that it was time to wire and refine the tree. It was growing vigorously and i was confident it was strong enough. I needed to compact it’s shape to make the trunk seem more powerful.parvi_2
This is the result after the styling. It will need a smaller pot in the future but for now it will rest a couple of years to recover. A friend commented that it resembled a dragon, so that’s what it will be called.

I had quite a setback with this tree in spring of 2019 and it got really weak from a late freeze. It lost around 60% of it´s foliage and needed to be really pampered so it wouldn´t die on me. Pictures below is from early summer of ´19.

Almost all of the old needles fell off from the lower branches.
Still signs of growth.

The spring and summer of 2020, this tree will get a new pot and soil that hold less water, and then just fertilized an watered to regain health. Maybe refinement in the fall of 2020..

UPDATE 2020-04-14

A message from Tomas Gramming from Gramming Pots was recieved, that the pot commisioned for this pine was ready. I made the trip to his place and picked it up. Then I repotted my tree the very same day.
And, as I suspected, the roots were in a bad state. Mostly potting soil and aquarium gravel inside the core of the tree. I removed all of it, but keeping the healthy roots and soil on the exterior.

You can see the old humus based soil and the lack of roots in there.

The new container is smaller and more elegant. I think the size will help it to dry out a little faster and therefore I can fertilize it heavily this summer as soon as it shows sign of recovery and new growth.

Gramming pot.. The tie down wires are ugly, but there were no rootball to tie them to.

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