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A few of the better trees in my garden

I thought I´d share with you a couple of my better trees. Some are bought, some are collected and some are grown from garden materials. Crab apple, from airlayer Japanese White pine, purchased imported from Japan Japanese larch, airlayer Scots pine, collected from a bog Privet, purchased Japanese maple ‘seigen’, purchased Chinese Juniper ‘blauw’, Nursery stock Scots pine, collected

Beautiful video from Bjorvala Bonsai

As you all may know, Björn Björholm and the guys at Kuoka-En make some awesome videos on bonsai. But I think my favourite right now is their newest one. Not so much about bonsai, but a lot about Japan. Perfect for me, as I´m planning my trip there. As of now, it´s leaning towards january/february. Just in time for Kokufu-ten.  

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