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The value of a club membership

I believe that I´m a member of the most generous bonsai-club there is. Not that it hands out money to everybody but rather that it doesn´t charge you for anything. Sure, we pay a membership-fee, but it doesn´t have any real value. We´re allowed entrance to exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops, plus a Magazine 4 times […]

Frosty nights and mornings – Steve Tolley Bonsai

Frosty nights and mornings Posted on February 20, 2013 by Steve I hope the latest spate of frosty nights and mornings has not interfered too much with your re potting attempts. From the way my stocks of Akadama and pumice etc have gone down, I guess you are all busy at the moment.As someone who […]

Beautiful video from Bjorvala Bonsai

As you all may know, Bjorn Bjorholm and the guys at Kuoka-En make some awesome videos on bonsai. But I think my favourite right now is their newest one. Not so much about bonsai, but a lot about Japan. Perfect for me, as I´m planning my trip there. As of now, it´s leaning towards january/february. […]

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