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Upcoming Bonsai Event in Gothenburg

This year it´s our turn in the west of Sweden to set up for the annual meeting and exhibition. We´ve invited Peter Warren (UK) to be our demonstrator and Bonsai guru. 🙂A small preview of one of my trees that are to be prepped for exhibition. Sorry for the poor photo.. More detailed information on […]

Report from The Trophy 20 years – Exhibition (deciduous)

Continuing with the deciduous trees on display at the exhibition. There were quite a variety and som really outstanding trees. Enjoy!! A silverberry with an unusual stand. What are your opinion? A twisty oak, felt like a refreshing tree with a lot of character. Really liked the pot in this display. One of the few […]

Report from The Trophy 20 years – exhibition (conifers)

Back from Belgium and The Trophy XX and it was a really nice event. This is the third year I´ve been to Belgium and this was one of the better ones. Demonstrations by Ryan Neil (USA), Masayuki Fujikawa (Japan), Vaclac Novac (CZ) and Gabriel Romero Aguadé (Spain). The exhibition was also spectacular and showed a […]