Report from The Trophy 20 years – exhibition (conifers)

Back from Belgium and The Trophy XX and it was a really nice event. This is the third year I´ve been to Belgium and this was one of the better ones. Demonstrations by Ryan Neil (USA), Masayuki Fujikawa (Japan), Vaclac Novac (CZ) and Gabriel Romero Aguadé (Spain).

The exhibition was also spectacular and showed a variety of conifers, evergreen deciduous and deciduous species. I will start my report with the exhibition and the conifers there..

Shimpaku Juniper

Scots pine from Luis Vallejo, I´ve seen this i magazines before but it was really nice to see it in person. Very compact needles, something to strive for.

The famous Ezo spruce of Masahiko Kimura, also currently owned by Luis Vallejo. Thick, powerful trunk with outstanding movement.

Mugho pine

Unusual composition of shimpaku Juniper on stone. Almost looked unbalanced.

Shimpaku juniper
Shimpaku Juniper
Scots pine
Shimpaku Juniper

Powerful white pine, one of my favourite species. Well proportioned and maintained, a classical japanese pine.

Shimpaku Juniper
Shimpaku Juniper

Another white pine with a thick trunk, although the branches were a bit more defined.

Japanese Yew

I believe this was an austrian pine (Pinus Nigra) and as such it´s really well made.


Those were the confiers on the exhibit. I left out a few because of poor picture quality, sorry about that. Next gallery will contain the deciduous and evergreen deciduous trees.

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