Report from The Trophy 20 years – Exhibition (deciduous)

Continuing with the deciduous trees on display at the exhibition. There were quite a variety and som really outstanding trees. Enjoy!!

Trident maple and chojubai

A silverberry with an unusual stand. What are your opinion?

A twisty oak, felt like a refreshing tree with a lot of character.


Really liked the pot in this display.

Chinese quince

One of the few satsuki azaleas..

A sloe, must be spectacular when in bloom. The european version of the flowering apricot.

Trident maple
Japanese maple

A flowering forsythia, the pot for the companion plant is made by the Swedish potter Tomas Gramming.

Elegant maple, but with an impressive base.

Trident maple

A hornbeam with an inspiring way of display. I like the use of unorthodox materials to set the time of year and place.

Hollow trunked elm with really fine ramification.

Lots of room but sometimes still crowded. A well visited exhibition.

There were an exhibit of suiseki and pots also, but i didn´t get any decent photos from that.

Next will be the demonstrations..

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