Report from The Trophy 20 years – Sundays demonstrations

On Sunday the four demonstrators continued with new trees. This time Masayuki work on a tripletrunked shimpaku, Ryan got an upright shimpaku, Vaclav had a bushy english yew from a garden and Gabriel worked on another scots pine.

Masayukis tree before any work
An angle change and he expressed that he would make it a literati tree.
Wiring started, I originally thought that he would cut the lowest branch.
The finished tree.
Video from Bonsai Empire
Ryans tree before the demo
Cleaning the trunk with help from Todd and Troy
Wiring the defining branch
Focus and some quick wiring
Finished tree
Vaclavs very overgrown english yew.
Branches are pruned and deadwood are worked on.
The structure of an upright tree is appearing
Everone at hard work
Vaclavs finished tree
Gabriels tree before the demo, the major branch was bent a few years earlier.
The pine after the demo. I sat at the other end, therefore I don´t have any pictures taken during the demo.

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