Repotting season started

Finally some movement in the greenhouse, buds are swelling and my Ume are showing flower buds. (not opened yet, but soon). It was time to repot a few trees, some were groundlayers that I made last summer, some were yamadori that needed a real pot and some just got a new pot and soil. The soil I´m using for conifers is a 1-1-1 mixture of akadama, lava and pumice. The so called “Boon-mixture”

For the deciduous trees i used straight akadama as they weren´t very large.

Pictures below..

A literati pine that Mario Komsta styled a decade ago.
Beneficial fungus, a welcome sight.
Soil components
Scots pine styled by Peter Warren in May of 2018.
Not quite the right position, a difficult root got in the way. Also need a few pieces of wire. 🙂
Ground layer of a japanes maple, deshojo.
Planted in a Gramming pot, will look nice in leaf.
A trident maple from ground layer showing growth.
A whimsical tree which i used for grafting. But perhaps worth keeping?
A white pine project. From a nursery plant, but will need massive growth the coming years.
A small Ume that a friend bought for me at Taikan–Ten this fall.
This tree will get it´s new Gramming pot in a feew week  during a club workshop. Will post the event also..

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