Repotting workshop

We had a workshop date set a long time ago, in April. A month that we knew could be a bit tricky, weatherwise. All seemed good, with temperatures around 14 degrees celsius. But then a coldfront came and dropped +20cm of snow.
Anyway, most of it melted away and we still had our workshop. Some didn’t make it because of frosen pots, but a handful of us managed to have a good time.
I personally repotted a white pine, a scots pine and a zelkova. The zelkova still has a long way to be presentable, but it’s my first of the species and I bought it pretty cheaply at an auction. Below are som photos of the event.

The rootball of my scots pine before any work. 🙂
Pretty potbound and a lot of mycorrhiza
Sifting soil, boring but necessary
My white pine with most of the rootwork done. This tree is from an ordinary nursery. I think it’s a cultivar called Negishi.
Combing out the roots of a common hornbeam. This tree has a nice trunk and started out as a self-sown seedling.
Some simple trees from a garden nursery, on it’s way to become an ancient bonsai. 🙂
Removing old field soil from the core of this massive spruce. Unfortunately we couldn’t get rid of all of it, but enough to trensfer it into a ceramic pot instead of a wooden grow-box.
The “finished” result. No major roots were cut, so it should recover nicely.

A productive day, with small to large trees. A spring just started here, there will be more repotting days.

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