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Japanese black pine #1

Bought myself a nice black pine at the 2017 Taikan-Ten in Kyoto. Was hesitant as I didn´t know whether it would thrive here in Sweden but got encouraging Words from a friend, so I bought it on the last day of the exhibit. The following christmas eve it served as my christmas tree. 🙂 I repotted it in spring of 2018 into it´s old container and let it grow freely after that, fertilizing every 4 weeks with an organic fertilizer. In May that year we held our annual meeting and…

Taikan-Ten 2018

Hi There!   It´s been a while but it´s been an evntful year. Maybe not in the bonsai sense of things, but on a personal level. Anyway, hope to kick this blog back to life again. Saw some pictures from this years Taikan-Ten that a friend visited. Looked amazing!! Reminded me of last year when I visited Japan this time of year and also the Taikan-Ten in Kyoto of course.. Letting you see som of the pictures I took back then. Again, this is from last year..

Pinching spring buds on Japanese maple – Bonsai Tonight

Pinching spring buds on Japanese maple MARCH 7, 2017 by JONAS DUPUICH 7 COMMENTS Spring is a busy time for keeping after refined Japanese maples. In order to keep internodes short, I pinch new shoots as soon as they emerge. Shohin Japanese maple – 6.5″ tall, 13″ wide Because the buds open at different times, I check this tree daily to see if there are new shoots to pinch. I leave the first pair of leaves alone and pinch the next pair as soon as I can reach them. Here’s…

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