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Pinching spring buds on Japanese maple – Bonsai Tonight

Pinching spring buds on Japanese maple MARCH 7, 2017 by JONAS DUPUICH 7 COMMENTS Spring is a busy time for keeping after refined Japanese maples. In order to keep internodes short, I pinch new shoots as soon as they emerge. Shohin Japanese maple – 6.5″ tall, 13″ wide Because the buds open at different times, I check this tree daily to see if there are new shoots to pinch. I leave the first pair of leaves alone and pinch the next pair as soon as I can reach them. Here’s…

Busy with new house and garden

I have to apologize for my lack of blogupdates. I moved to a new house in february and have been busy with both outside, inside and garden. But, i did manage to start with an area for my trees, with benches. They will be further developed next year but they did the job this growing season. My trees are loosing their leaves now and I´m getting ready for winter. I have a few pictures taken this summer, when i constructed the garden area and growing benches. Enjoy!

Blog — The Artisans Cup

The Results Are In! September 29, 2015 Vanessa DeSpain Our greatest thanks to all of the exhibitors, your tremendous work helped to make The Artisans Cup the success that it was. We are thrilled with the response from the bonsai community and the attendees experiencing bonsai of this calibre for the first time. First Place:Randy Knight’s Rocky Mountain Juniper Second Place:Tim Priest’s Sierra Juniper %0 Source: Blog — The Artisans Cup

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